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Hello! My name is Daniela Barrera. I am one of the science teachers for 7th grade.This year we will work on several experiments to help students understand concepts.

Bell Schedule:
1st Bell 7:55
1st Period 8:00-8:50 (Breakfast 8:50-8:58)
2nd Period 9:02-9:52
3rd Period 9:56-10:46
4th Period 10:50-11:30 (6th Gr. Lunch)
5th Period 11:34-12:24 (8th Gr. Lunch 11:44)
6th Period 12:28-1:18 (7th Gr. Lunch 12:38)
7th Period 1:22-2:12
8th Period 2:16-3:06
9th Period 3:10-4:00 Conference Period

Wednesdays during 1st period we have Team Conference