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Nutrition class/Clases de nuticion
Date: 2/19/2018, 11 AM 1 PM
Location: A-8
8th Grade Endorsement Night February 22th

Date: 2/22/2018, 5 PM
Location: K.White JHS
Nutrition class/Clases de nuticion
Date: 3/5/2018, 11 AM 1 PM
Location: A-8

Teacher of the Six Weeks

Congrats to Mr. Adams!

Principal's Message

Brenda K. Betancourt


"I would like to take this opportunity to welcome all students and parents to another exciting year at Kenneth White Junior High. The 2016-2017 academic year promises to be another prosperous year for our campus.

Over the last several years, the efforts of our students and teachers have helped bring recognition, honors and awards to our campus. These accomplishments have helped install a competitive spirit, winning attitude and pride in our students. In order to continue these winning traditions, students, teachers and parents must be committed to excellence. This commitment to excellence must be reflected in all our daily practices. We must maintain high levels of structure in our daily routines, respect one another and expect high levels of academic rigor in every classroom.

While academics is the ultimate driving force behind all that we do at KWJH, it is also our mission to develop a well-rounded student. For that reason, extracurricular programs have been made available to all students. Our fine arts, athletic, UIL and STEM programs are an integral part of our organization.

I am honored to be able to serve as Principal at Kenneth White Junior High and I am looking forward to working with you to fulfill your child’s educational needs.

On behalf of K. White Jr. High faculty and staff, I thank you in advance for all your support.

Let’s Go, Hawks!"


Kenneth E. White Junior High School


1101 W. Griffin Parkway Mission, Texas

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K.White JHS Spotlight

Preparing Students for College, Careers and Life

Good Morning K.White JHS!

7th Grade Maroon Volleyball team!

Metal Hawks HESTEC Team!

Metal Hawks HESTEC Team 2

News and Announcements

2017-2018 YEARBOOK on sale!

Don’t wait to reserve your student’s copy of the 2017-2018 yearbook! Yearbooks are on sale now for $40 and we offer payment plans. $10 down reserves your book.
These are the days your student will want to remember forever. Buy their yearbook now to make it unforgettable.

** For more information on the reserving your yearbook, ask Mrs. Quintero in room 205.**

Congrats to our Robotics TEAM!

K. White MetalHawks Back-to-Back Inventions Champions in the RGV

The Kenneth White Jr. High MetalHawks robotics team defended their 1st place Intermediate Inventions title at the annual Texas Computer Education Association (TCEA) Area 1 Robotics Competition. The MetalHawks-Sierra team earned 1st place in Intermediate Inventions category. Additionally, the MetalHawks-Tango and MetalHawks-Alpha were awarded 3rd place in Advanced Inventions and 4th place in Advanced Arena, respectively. The teams are composed of the following members:
MetalHawks-Sierra: Jonathan Salinas (Captain), Hugo Mireles, Camila Urquizo, Valerie Compean, and Ricardo Ochoa
MetalHawks-Tango: Maritza Moreno (Captain), Alma Gomez, Danilee Alaniz, and Carlos Wong
MetalHawks-Alpha: Jorge Salinas (Captain), Gabriel Cordova, and Jaclyn Ornelas
In the Inventions category, each team follows the engineering design process to create a robot that solves a real world problem. Teams keep a detailed logbook and prepare a six-minute presentation for judges. During this presentation, students must showcase their research, robot performance, robot design, marketing strategies, and presentation skills.
In the Arena category, teams participate in three, two-minute, rounds in which a team’s robot must perform specific tasks on the challenge field. Points, penalties, and bonus awards are calculated at the end of each round, the teams must ensure their robot meets established requirements in regards to dimensions and materials used.
The MetalHawks Intermediate Inventions team will be representing KWJH at the TCEA State Competition. The Advanced Inventions and Arena teams also have a chance to make it to state if they are awarded a wild card slot in each category. This will be the fifth consecutive year the MetalHawks have qualified to the TCEA State Competition. Coaches for the MetalHawks Robotics team are Mr. J. Sanchez, Ms. S. Silva, Mr. A. Chapa, and Mrs. D. Garcia.

Congrats to our 2017 Robotics Team!!

K.White Jr. High MetalHawks Robotics Team Takes 2nd Place at Robotics Competition

The Kenneth White Jr. High (KWJH) MetalHawks team placed 2nd Overall at the annual Hispanic Engineering, Science, and Technology (HESTEC) Robotics Day Competition hosted by UTRGV on Thursday, October 5, 2017. Over 55 middle schools and high schools participated in this year’s Robotics Day Competition.
The competition, a quadrathlon, consisted of four challenges that tested the students’ ability to design, build, and program a robot that could complete all four challenges while recording the fastest time possible. The challenges included: a Lego Grand Prix, Lego Maze, Lego Search and Rescue, and a Lego Tracer. Each obstacle course integrated STEM concepts, which provide students with a first-hand learning experience on the fundamentals of engineering and commercialization. In order to succeed, the students needed to display versatility as the objectives varied from the fastest speed, appropriate use of sensors, and the ability to drive the robot with a controller of their choice. Teams who completed an individual challenge with the fastest time received an individual award for that obstacle. 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Place Overall Awards were given to teams that averaged the fastest times on all four challenges, thus placing them above all teams who competed.
The KWJH MetalHawks had a strong performance and did an excellent job representing their campus and our district. Team members for KWJH MetalHawks included: Jorge Salinas, AlphaHawk Captain; Ismael Alvarado, Alma Gomez, Carlos Wong, Danilee Alaniz, Andy Rodriguez, BravoHawk Captain; Anthony Flores, Maritza Moreno, Jordan Hernandez, and Eric Calderon. MetalHawks Coaches are: Mr. Jose L. Sanchez, Ms. Shaila Silva, Mr. Adrian Chapa, and Mrs. Daniela Garcia.
Pictured below are members of the KWJH MetalHawks HESTEC Team (from left to right) Front Row: Ismael Alvarado, Danilee Alaniz, Jorge Salinas, Carlos Wong, Jordan Hernandez; Back Row: Anthony Flores, Andy Rodriguez, Alma Gomez, Maritza Moreno, and Eric Calderon.

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