Kenneth White Jr. High School

* * * Progress Report Card night at 5:00pm on Thursday September 21st.   K.White JHS asks for everyone to please be safe and on time at 7:45p.m.  * * * 


Welcome to 8th grade ELAR 2014-2015.

My name is Sylvia Yvette Gonzalez, I have been teaching here at K. White for 8 years. I graduated from James Pace High school in Brownsville, I attended college University of Texas at Brownsville. I am married and have a 3 wonderful children.
I enjoy teaching and spending time to getting to know my students. I enjoy my students and I care for them as if they were my own.

I believe and encourage my students to be confident. They can and will pass the STAAR.
I will work hard to make sure our class time will be productive in learning and promote confidence to ensure positive attitudes towards testing.

I have attached the UIL coaches and dates for this year. Please view the attachments.

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8th Grade ELARSyllabus 2013 2014

8th Grade ELAR syllabus. I have read and reviewed my syllabus to all of my students. Students know that I will not accept pencil, late work or incomplete assignments.  Students must come to class prepared with pen, paper and supplies.

Projects will be presented in class.  Presentations will be throughout the year.

Grades will be posted within a weeks time.

Welcome to 8th Grade ELAR. I am very excited for this year to commence. This will be a year you will remember.