Mission Athletics Physicals / Rank One Online Forms

April 1st, 2024 - Physicals dated prior to April 1st, 2024 will not be considered valid for the Mission CISD 2024 - 2025 athletics / sports seasons.  
ALL Mission CISD student-athletes wishing to participate in extracurricular athletic activities MUST have a current physical on file with the MCISD Athletic Trainers AND ALL online forms completed with Rank One Sport. This includes participation in any athletic period, practice, scrimmage, performance or contest before, during or after school.

Only the UIL Physical (PPE) forms with 2024 printed on the upper Right hand corner of the UIL Medical History (MH) will be accepted (back side of the physical exam).  This form is attached below or in the Mission CISD Rank One Online forms "Download and Print" tab. 

The UIL / MCISD PPE and MH may be filled in online by the parent / guardian & the student-athlete, printed, and then taken the Medical Doctor (MD) for completion.  Please make sure the student-athlete fills in their school name and their school ID #  and make sure the MD includes their printed name, address, date, and their signature. Please turn in your completed PPE & MH paper copy to the KWJH  Athletic Trainer Kim Reynolds or your KWJH Coach.
The 2023 - 2024 MCISD Physical packet will expire on July 31, 2024 for MCISD Athletic purposes only.
Mission CISD is utilizing an online version of the MCISD / UIL Athletic Signature forms in conjunction with Rank One Sport.   Please complete the online version by following the Red link or the QR code below.
**updated 03/28/2024